Swift Shopper - Smart, Efficient Shopping

Make life more efficient using Swift Shopper, the shopping app that eliminates lines and hassle at ANY retail store with a hand held scanner. Scan your items, checkout and go!

Shopping List

Create individual shopping lists by scanning or manually entering items. While shopping, scan and bag items. Matching items are checked off the shopping list. Swift Shopper lets you see your list from the scan screen so you never forget any items.

Loyalty Cards

Store your loyalty cards, membership cards, rewards cards for an efficient shopping experience. At checkout, Swift Shopper pulls the appropriate card. It is as simple as pressing a button to present your store card to the cashier.

Shopping Smarter

Scan and bag your groceries with your smartphone. At checkout, the barcodes, loyalty card and coupons are presented on your smartphone for ease of scanning.  Never lift a single grocery to the conveyor belt again.


Be sure to check-in when shopping. Partnering retailers have provided a unique shopping experience for their customers in Swift Shopper that include store specific coupons and product information.